Diagnostic Assessment

A Diagnostic Assessment (DA) is an intensive clinical and functional face-to-face evaluation of a beneficiary’s mental health, intellectual and developmental disability, or substance use condition.


Medication Management

Medication management (MM) is the monitoring of medications that a patient takes to confirm that he or she is complying with a medication regimen, while also ensuring the patient is avoiding potentially dangerous drug interactions and other complications.  MTO  CLI   LAU  HAM

Outpatient Therapy

Outpatient behavioral health (OT) services focus on reducing psychiatric and behavioral sysmptoms in order to improve a beneficiary's functioning in familial, social,educational, or occupational life domains.  MTO  CLI   LAU  HAM

Intensive In-Home

The Intensive In-Home (IIH) service is a team approach designed to address the identified needs of children and adolescents who, due to serious and chronic symptoms of an emotional, behavioral, or substance use disorder, are unable to remain stable in the community without intensive interventions.MTO  CLI   LAU  HAM

Community Support Team

Community Support Team (CST) services consist of community-based mental health and substance abuse rehabilitation services and necessary supports provided through a team approach to assist adults in achieving rehabilitative and recovery goals.  MTO


Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program

Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program (SAIOP) means structured individual and group addiction activities and services that are provided at an outpatient program designed to assist adult and adolescent beneficiaries to begin recovery and learn skills for recovery maintenance.  MTO   CLI


Child and Adolescent Day Treatment

Day Treatment is a structured treatment service in a licensed facility, for children or adolescents and their families, that builds on strengths and addresses identified needs.  MTO


Supported Employment - Employment Assistance

Vocational Rehabilitation Supported Employment with work adjustments focuses on getting or keeping a job after an evaluation of the consumer’s strengths, skills and experience, and an individual plan for employment is jointly developed by the consumer and counselor. This plan is carefully monitored and, if needed, adjustments are made.   MTO


Supported Employment with Long Term Vocational Supports is a person-centered, individualized, evidence-base support service that provides assistance with choosing, acquiring, and maintaining competitive paid employment in the community for individuals 16 and older for whom employment has not been achieved and/or has been interrupted or intermittent. Long Term Vocational Supports is the maintenace of keeping a job.  MTO   CLI   LAU


Alcohol and Drug Education Traffic School

The Alcohol Drug Education Traffic School (ADETS) is an educational program for someone with a DWI conviction. This program is for people who don’t have an identified substance use disorder but may be at risk for these disorders.  MTO   CLI